Drake's Memorial Site

As Drake’s beloved Betsy Charles pursued her career of veterinary medicine, she often had conferences at Ross Point Conference Center in Idaho. These conferences were put on by the Veterinary Leadership Institute (VLI), an organization dedicated to the development of healthy and resilient leaders who can make a positive difference for the profession. Drake, being Betsy’s biggest supporter in everything she does, always tagged along when he was able to, and from this, was able to build his own relationships with all of the people there at Ross Point.

So, when the people at Ross Point conference center heard of Drake’s passing, they quickly compiled funds together and built a “Drake-style” memorial to remember him. This memorial, which is composed of a covered seating area, right beside the river, is exactly what Drake would have always wanted. It perfectly encompasses who Drake is, by intentionally placing seats where people could have vulnerable and real conversations, while being surrounded by the beauty and grit of the outdoors.

Drake’s Memorial

Post Falls, Idaho